Electrical equipment requires inspection after a hurricane

WACO, Texas (Sept. 6, 2011) – Traditionally hurricanes bring a lot of rain, as well as a storm surge. These large amounts of water can cause a significant amount of damage to electrical equipment throughout your home or business.

Wires and cables contain metallic components that are subject to corrosion when the equipment is submerged in water. This corrosion can damage the component itself or cause termination failures. Any remaining water can accelerate insulation deterioration, leading to premature malfunctions. Most wires or cables are listed as “dry-only” and if so, they need to be replaced.

Similarly, lighting fixtures, both fluorescents and incandescent, are not intended for submersion in water unless marked, as contamination of internal circuitry can prevent the lights from working properly.

Many homes utilize Ground Fault Circuit Interruptors (GFCI) and surge protectors. These contain electronic circuitry which can be adversely affected by water, making them non-functional or even hazardous to their user. Such products are not suitable for use and must be replaced. Air drying and washing of water damaged products should not be attempted.

For more complex equipment such as motors, circuits, breakers and electrical distribution equipment, contact a certified electrician, such as the service professionals at Mr. Electric.

After hurricanes sweep through, make sure you aren’t left in the dark. Keep your family and your business safe by taking water damage seriously.

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