Electrical Safety Month Electrical and Fire Safety Tips for Families

From game consoles to computers to cell phones, electricity is an increasing presence in our modern lives. More electricity usage means more potential electrical hazards. As our reliance on electricity grows, so does the importance of electrical safety awareness for the entire family. You are never too young to start learning to use electricity safely.

An estimated 53,000 electrical fires occur in homes each year. Most of these can be avoided by taking simple safety precautions. “Using electricity is something we take for granted, but using it safely is very important,” says Mr. Electric president Jeff Meyers. “By understanding how electricity works and where it is found, we can each do our part in preventing electrical dangers no matter where we are.”

May is National Electrical Safety Month, and Mr. Electric is teaming up with the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) to launch a public awareness campaign to promote the importance of electrical safety and educate key audiences about the steps that can be taken to prevent electrical fires, injuries, and fatalities in the home and the workplace.

Help keep your children safe from indoor and outdoor electrical dangers by making sure they are familiar with these important electrical and fire safety tips from the Electrical Safety Foundation International:

• Keep liquids, including drinks, away from electrical items such as TVs, video game consoles, and computers. They could spill and cause dangerous shocks or fires.
• Never play with electrical cords, light sockets, or electrical outlets.
• Do not overload outlets with too many plugs.
• Never yank on the cord to unplug an appliance. Hold on to the plug itself.
• If you see a broken electrical cord in your house, tell an adult. The adult should replace the cord.
• If you drop an appliance in water, do not try to get it. Have an adult shut off the power supply to your home before retrieving the item.

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