Ways to save electricity as summer heats up

WACO, Texas (June 29, 2011) – With summer coming into full swing after a cool spring, it’s a dreadful time of year to open the electric bill.

Not so fast. There are plenty of ways keep costs down – as well as the temperature. There are, of course, the traditional tips: turn your fans off during the day, be sure to turn off your lights, use windows to provide circulation. Your mother could have told you this. But there are other techniques out there – not just the ones your mother used.

First of all, be sure you have the right A/C unit. If it’s too powerful, you’re wasting energy. Besides, the larger units are less efficient when it comes to reducing humidity.

Be sure to keep your air filters and wall or window units clean. Built up dirt and dust can block airflow, reducing efficiency.

If you can program your thermostat, do it. During those hours that you’re at work, you don’t need the house to be a cool 76 degrees. Program the thermostat to turn off the A/C once you’ve left for work, and have it kick back on an hour before you return. You can still return to a pleasant home, but it’ll cost you significantly less.

“One of the ways to save electricity that people often overlook is to schedule an inspection,” said Jeff Meyers, President of Mr. Electric. “We offer inspections to point out any problem areas and help improve home efficiency and safety.”

Changing light bulbs can also help. Not only do the compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) generate less heat than the incandescent bulbs, but they utilize less electricity as well.

Unplug your appliances. Laptop and cell phone chargers use electricity and generate heat – even when they’re not plugged into their appliance. Unplug these energy suckers unless you need them.

If you follow these tips, you can be comfortable at home and comfortable when you open up that electric bill. Well, at least a little more comfortable.

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